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*Heat advisory until 8pm tonight, it's going to be cray cray today, high 99, thunderstorms possible overnight


*There's an auction happening at the Illinois State Fair, it's with more than $113,000 dollars worth of unclaimed property.  The State Treasurer says there are things like signed baseball cards, old coins and even a 6 sided paddle wheel harmonica.  The Fair is August 19th.



*It was one step forward, one step back for Republican Senators on Tuesday.  They begin the day voting to debate a bill to repeal major parts of the Affordable Care Act, but in the evening, their most comprehensive plan to replace Obamacare wasn't able to get the votes needed to pass.

Senator John McCain, recently diagnosed with brain cancer, returned to the Senate floor to cast a vote for  the future of the Affordable Care Act. Yet. The 50-50 tie had to be broken by Vice President Mike Pence.

 (The New York Times)

*The Secretary Of State Is Taking Time Off-

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is taking a little time off.  A spokeswoman said he's not planning on resigning, despite some reports in the media. Rumors have been swirling that he is not thrilled with the way Jeff Sessions is being treated and differences over Iran policy.

Tillerson recently returned from a trip through several countries in Europe and the Middle East. With the “mega trip” now over, a State Department spokesperson says Tillerson is simply taking some time for himself and has no intention of leaving his post.

“CNN” reported that Tillerson told friends he plans to stay on at least through the end of the year.

Source: CNN

*Hot Mic Catches Senators’ Real Thoughts On Trump-

Leaving a “hot mic” on has never been good for politicians, until possibly now.

Yesterday, Republican Susan Collins from Maine forgot to turn off her mic after a Senate subcommittee hearing and what was overheard is telling. According to the “Washington Post,” Collins was caught speaking with Senator Jack Reed about President Trump and the presentation of his budget. She called it “irresponsible” and blasted the Office of Management and Budget’s handling of the proposal saying, “I swear, [the Office of Management and Budget] just went through and whenever there was ‘grant,’ they just X it out,” she said, according to the Post. “With no measurement, no thinking about it, no metrics, no nothing. It’s just incredibly irresponsible.”

Reed apparently replied “Yes. I think — I think he’s crazy,” he noted, referring to the president. “I mean, I don’t say that lightly and as a kind of a goofy guy.” “I’m worried,” Collins added.

During their conversation both Reed and Collins concede that if a budget doesn’t pass the government with be “paralyzed.”

The senators went on to lambaste Republican  Rep. Blake Farenthold, who had basically challenged Collins to a duel during a radio interview.

Source: Washington Post

Chipotle Norovirus Scare Makes Their Comeback A Challenge-It’s been a couple of years since their mass illness and store closing problem, but Chipotle has been reminded how tough a comeback can be.

Chipotle is hoping that hot melted cheese will bring back customers scared off by rodents and norovirus. Queso is the restaurant chain's most requested item, and Chipotle said yesterday that it's adding it to the menu next month in two test markets.

Chief Financial Officer John Hartung tackled the issue of "changing the narrative," that has plagued the company. Last week, a number of customers became ill with norovirus after eating at a Chipotle in Virginia. Then there was also a video that went viral showing rodents falling from the ceiling of a Chipotle near Dallas.

The company's chief restaurant officer says they've taken "swift action" since the incidents, and are "making it clear to the entire organization that not following our procedures will have severe consequences." The Virginia incident was caused by one sick worker coming in instead of staying home. 

Source: CNBC

Ben & Jerry’s Boycott Called For After Weedkiller Ingredient Is Found In Their Ice Cream-

Ben & Jerry's ice cream is facing a boycott call after a weedkiller ingredient turned up in the ice cream.

According to yesterday's "New York Times," the Organic Consumers Association found the main ingredient in weedkillers like Roundup in ten of eleven of Ben & Jerry's flavors. The levels were well below the legal limit the EPA sets, but the consumer group argues that any amount of the poison in the ice cream is misleading and potentially dangerous.

The group says Ben & Jerry's should be the target of a nationwide boycott if it doesn't announce a move to all organic ingredients and no pesticides in production.

The brand is owned by conglomerate Unilever which also owns the brands Axe, Dove, Lipton, and more. 

Source: New York Times

NASA Is Planning Manned Flights Again-

It’s been a while, but America’s space program is getting new “wings.”

NASA says manned space flights could resume from Cape Canaveral next year. Boeing and SpaceX are both working on plans for test flights between February and August of 2018. Even though it’s two years later than originally planned, the space agency is currently on track.

The last time astronauts launched into space from the Cape was six years ago. Since then, the private companies have developed new types of spacecraft and rockets.Source: WESH


*The Cardinals beat the Rockies 3-2, they play them again tonight and guess what? It's Star Wars Night at the Ballpark!

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