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*Heat advisory today until 7pm tonight, scattered showers are possible this afternoon & tonight, today's high is 95


*If you need a place to keep cool today.  The Salvation Army and St. Louis County have opened up a cooling center.  It's located at 10740 Page Avenue and it offers a 24-hour cooling center.  The shelter can accommodate 48 people.


*Our hearts and prayers go out to the family and friends of the firefighter who died in the line of duty. Captain John Kemper was injured while battling a structure fire on July 5th, he died from injuries sustained during that incident. The fire was likely sparked by fireworks.



FDA Panel Greenlights New Treatment For Childhood Leukemia-

Immunotherapy to fight cancer is being recommended for FDA approval.  Yesterday, a panel of experts voted to endorse an immunotherapy drug that treats a type of leukemia common among children. It could be the first gene therapy available in the U.S.

The drug has a potentially fatal side effect, but in a recent study, no one died as a result. About 80-percent of patients in the study survived at least a year, and most of those patients did not have a relapse. Eight months after treatment, 39-percent had no trace of cancer.

The FDA as a whole now must approve the therapy. 

Source: CBS News

Millions Of Verizon Customers’ Info Was Exposed Online-

The big story of the morning is the Verizon data leaked.  About 6 million users information was leaked online because of misconfigured cloud-based system. The information included customer phone numbers, names and some PIN codes.  They say that customers should update their PIN codes and not use the same one twice.

Source: CNN

Scientists Have Found The Tiniest Star-Scientists have accidentally found the smallest star ever discovered.

Called EBLM J0555-57Ab, the ultracool star is a little bigger than Saturn with a mass about 85 times that of Jupiter. If it were much smaller, it wouldn't have been able to undergo the hydrogen fusion process that makes a star a star. Astronomers at the University of Cambridge found the star with a method typically used to look for exoplanets. It's about 600 light years from Earth.

The team says the discovery will aid them in better understanding why planets orbit stars.

Source: Astronomy


*The Cardinals are off until tomorrow night when they play the Pirates in Pittsburgh

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