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Lindsay Shookus has already moved into Ben Affleck’s place. That was rather quick.

The original statement from his team claimed, "It's early and they are taking it slow." But this week, a source admitted, "Lindsay is full-on living with Ben. They're officially a couple. She's happy she doesn't have to hide their relationship anymore."

Reports suggest that Shookus and Ben have been sneaking around for over three years. They made excuses for commuting between New York City and Los Angeles. Then their spouses discovered the illicit affair in 2015.

Shookus still has a job with Saturday Night Live. But over the summer, she’d stay with Ben with regular trips back east to visit her daughter. On the horizon, there'll be a meeting of Ben's three kids with their potential step-mom. (E! News)

Talk About It:

  • They made a very public appearance on Monday in Los Angeles on a coffee and juice run.
  • Shookus made secret trips to visits Ben during his rehab treatment in the spring.
  • Jennifer Garner must feel relieved that Ben’s secret is now public.


It appears Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is running for President of the United States.

Paperwork for an official campaign committee called "Run The Rock 2020" has been filed with the Federal Election Commission. Kenton Tilford of Wheeling, West Virginia made the formal filing. It’s unclear his exact relationship to The Rock.

The actor and former pro-wrestler has joked about making a run for the White House. Most recently, he and Tom Hanks suggested on Saturday Night Live that they’d be a ticket

(The Hill)


*Word on the street is Daniel Craig will return to play James Bond, at a press junket in 2015 he said he would rather slit his wrists then play Bond again but we are hearing he has one more Bond Film left in his 5 movie contract.  Skyfall was the highest ever grossing film for Sony Pictures (2012)... Spectre was the 2015 follow up movie to that.  We are also hearing they are trying to get Adele to sing the theme song because she won an Oscar, a Grammy and a Golden Globe.

Daniel Craig's Bond Film

*Spectre (2015)

*Skyfall (2012)

*Quantum of Solace (2008)

*Casino Royale (2006)



*Johnny Depp is suing his management group for $25 million dollars claiming they mismanaged his money, this case has been going on for a while.  Well his management group is countersuing him claiming he knew about his dire money situation the entire time....They are saying he spent $2 million a month, that he blew his wealth on fancy wine ($30,000/month for wine), 14 homes, private islands... He says they loaned out money without his permission, didn't pay off loans and incurred $8 million in unnecessary tax penalties.



Warren Buffett Is Giving A Chunk Of Stock To Charity-

Warren Buffett is giving almost three-point-two-billion dollars in Berkshire Hathaway stock to charity.  This hefty donation is part of his pledge to donate a portion of his wealth to those in need. The 86-year-old is donating over 18-million Class B shares to five different charities including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, Sherwood Foundation, Howard F. Buffett Foundation and NoVo Foundation.

Last year, the Nebraska billionaire investor donated almost two-point-nine billion dollars to charity. Buffett said he hopes to have all his Berkshire shares donated through annual charity gifts which will be completed ten years after his estate is settled. 

Source: CNN Money

The “Jersey Shore” Cast Is Filming Something-

The cast of the controversial reality show "Jersey Shore" is back at the boardwalks that made them famous.  The cast of the hit MTV show have been spotted in recent weeks at Point Pleasant Beach and Asbury Park with camera crews in tow.   None of the male cast have been seen. Just “Snooki”,  “JWoww”, Sammi “Sweetheart” , and Deena Nicole.  “Entertainment Weekly” did get word from MTV that they are not involved in the production.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Kermit The Frog Is Getting A New Voice-The man handpicked to replace the late Jim Henson is now bowing out of the honor of voicing Kermit the Frog.

There’s no word why Steve Whitmire, who was handpicked by the Henson family after creator Jim’s passing, has left. But the guy who voiced the evil Constantine in”Muppets Most Wanted” will be taking on the role. That would be Matt Vogel.

Whitmire was also the voice behind Rizzo The Rat, Beaker and Waldorf’s ever-critical partner Statler, among others.

Source: Metro


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