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*Sunshine this morning a stray shower is possible, high today 82, back to the 90s on Wednesday


*In a settlement with the City of the St. Louis, the Missouri Civil War Museum has agreed to remove and store the Confederate Monument in Forest Park.  The museum said it will remove the monument at their cost by June 30.


*A prisoner got away from his correctional officer in Richmond Heights this weekend, his name is Bruce Brutsman.  He's over 6'6" tall about 240 pounds, and was wearing a black shirt and orange bottoms. He ended up stealing a pizza drivers car which is  a white Toyota Tercel with black bumpers and Missouri license plate SK8R4K. 



Airbag Company Goes Belly Up-

The company responsible for the biggest recall in auto industry history is throwing in the towel.  Takata has confirmed they are filing for bankruptcy.  Faulty air-bag inflators made by the company have been tied to at least 17 deaths and more than 180 injuries worldwide. About 100-million inflators have been recalled in what industry experts say could cost up to ten-billion dollars.  Thousands of car owners and Honda have yet to finalize compensation issues with Takata.

Source: Reuters

*Winds Are Hampering The Fight To Contain Wildfires-

Higher winds are forecast across the Southwest U-S today, hindering efforts to fight numerous wildfires throughout the region.  The largest is the Brian Head Fire, about 250 miles south of Salt Lake City, Utah. It had already burned 40-thousand acres destroying 13 homes and forcing 15-thousand evacuations.  A deadly heatwave is not helping matters. There are about 20 wildfires now burning in Arizona, Utah, California, New Mexico, Nevada and Oregon. The chances of rain are slim, so thousands of fire fighters will continue working around the clock to contain the blazes.

Source: CNN

*Tragedy struck Sunday in eastern Pakistan when a fuel truck exploded, killing more than 150 people as the fire spread.

About 100 others were injured in the explosion and subsequent fire, with at least 40 sent to a local hospital for treatment. Many have burns covering more than 70% of their bodies.

Officials expect the death toll of 153 to rise.

The disaster happened after the fuel truck's driver crashed and the truck turned over. Villagers were attempting to gather free oil on the roadside when the truck exploded into flames, burning it and everything in the immediate area.

 (N.Y. Daily News)

*Pro-ISIS Group Hacks Government Websites-

A hacking group linked to the terror organization posted pro-ISIS messages on Ohio Governor John Kasich's website, as well as several other Ohio state sites and government sites around the country.

The messages on the American sites read "you will be held accountable Trump, you and all your people, for every drop of blood flowing in Muslim countries." It ended with "I love the Islamic state." The group responsible is allegedly known as “Team DZ.”

The same message also popped up on websites in the town of Brookhaven, New York, according to news reports in that state, as well as the website for Howard County, Maryland.

Most of the affected websites are still down.

Source: CBS News

*University Drops Teacher For Remark About Otto Warmbler-

A Delaware professor is feeling the backlash from ill chosen words.

The University of Delaware is cutting ties with a professor who said a young man who died after coming home from North Korea in a coma got what he deserved. Kathy Dettwyler faced a backlash after she posted on Facebook that Otto Warmbier's parents are to blame for him thinking he "could get away with whatever he wanted."

In the now deleted post on her also now-deleted Facebook profile, she generalized that Warmbier was “typical of a mindset of a lot of the young, white, rich, clueless males who come into my classes.”

The university condemned her statements and released a statement yesterday saying Dettwyler would not be returning.



Study: Seismic Surveys Killing Zooplankton-A tiny organism is apparently in trouble and that means we are too.

New research out of Australia shows that underwater seismic surveys for oil and gas are killing off zooplankton at higher than expected rates. Seismic air guns are often used underwater to look for possible oil sites and scientist say that each pulse is killing many of the plankton in a four-thousand-foot radius. That's far larger than the 30 feet originally believed.

With the study, a focus is now on the Trump Administration plan to allow five energy companies to use seismic air guns to search for oil and gas off the U.S. Atlantic coast.

Zooplankton are a critical link in the food chain and the study suggests that their deaths could be having an unstudied impact on the ecosystem. The report was published last week in the journal "Nature Ecology and Evolution."

Source: National Geographic 

Airline Crew Fights Stress With A Garden-

A Jet Blue airlines crew has found a great way to deal with the intense stresses of their jobs. They started a garden at JFK Airport.

The garden is attracting many employees to volunteer for planting and harvest. When the Terminal 5 farm launched in 2015, about 420 volunteer slots were offered on Fridays between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. from May through October. That number more than doubled in 2016, to 1,145 — and has now skyrocketed to 1,728 slots filling up fast.

In case you’re wondering how the garden is set up, all the plants are grown inside milk crates.

Employees are glad to have this distraction, with one noting “Work can be stressful a lot of the time, but gardening helps me keep a positive mind-set.”

Source: New York Post


*Cards beat the Pirates 8-4, they play a make up game today at Busch at 3:15pm

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