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*Sunny to partly cloudy high 92


*A Powerball player in St. Louis is the 470th Missouri Lottery-made millionaire, after matching all five white-ball numbers drawn in Saturday’s drawing.  Officials say the ticket was purchased at QuikTrip located at 2851 Gravois. Please sign the back of it immediately and keep it in a safe place until you are ready to claim your prize.

*A Valley Park preschool is accused of duct taping a 4 year old girl because she was misbehaving. Now her parents are suing the school. The alleged incident happened at Zion Lutheran Preschool. The little girl has since had to be moved to another daycare. So far the school has not commented.


*Sixty thousand Missouri senior citizens will lose their prescription drug coverage on June 30th. After that seniors on Medicare won't have access to the state provided plan called "MO Rx".  MO Rx pays 50% of prescription prices but lawmakers voted to stop it to help balance the budget, it is expected to save around $15 million dollars. Seniors on Medicaid will still qualify for free prescriptions and there are other agencies offering help.



Students Sue San Francisco State University-

Jewish students are suing San Francisco State University for allegedly not stopping protesters from shutting down a Jewish speaker. The suit that six students and visitors filed in federal court yesterday accuses SF State of knowingly fostering an anti-Semitic environment and discriminating against Jewish students. The lawsuit accuses SF State administrators of telling campus police to stand down when pro-Palestinian protesters drowned out a speech by the mayor of Jerusalem last year.

Source: SF Gate

Democrats Halt Senate Business To Protest Healthcare Bill Secrecy-

Democrats are protesting what they say is a Republican effort to craft a healthcare bill in secret .

Dems took to the Senate floor yesterday with motions, inquiries and lengthy speeches to shine a light on the lack of any information on the upcoming bill.

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer called it a radical departure from normal legislative procedures. The House narrowly passed a healthcare bill in early May and Senate Republicans are thought to be drafting their own version of the legislation, which is scheduled for a vote in two weeks. . However, Senate Republican leaders have said little publicly about what they plan to do.

Source: Reuters

SCOTUS Weighs In On Registering Offensive Trademarks-

A single high court ruling has sent a ripple effect across the country.

The Supreme Court says the government cannot refuse to register trademarks that may be considered offensive. They ruled in favor of Simon Tam, who named his band “The Slants” to try and take the negative connotation of Asians and reclaim it as a positive. His trademark request had been denied because it was offensive.

The ruling is considered to be a victory for the Washington Redskins in legal fights over maintaining the NFL team's name. The team's trademark was canceled by the U.S. Patent and Tradeo control your weight. mark Office in 2015. That case was on hold until this ruling. Source: CNN


Finally! Proof That Stress Can Cause Weight Gain-

A diet may not be what you need

A recent study shows it's possible that long term stress actually makes us gain weight. Doctor Leslie Heinberg with the Cleveland Clinic didn't take part in the study, but says results show a connection between the 'stress hormone' cortisol and weight. Cortisol is a hormone that is secreted by the adrenal glands and it tends to ramp up during times of stress. Doctor Heinberg says stress is more chronic today and can wreak havoc on our bodies over time. She says the link between stress and weight gain is real, mainly because healthy habits like getting a good night's rest, exercise and eating a healthy diet are harder to keep up when we feel like we're maxed out.

The study in question revealed that people with higher BMI numbers or fatter waists had higher cortisol levels.

So, instead of focusing on your diet, focus on you and getting that stress level down. If you need professional help, forget and stigma and go. Source: MetroSource


*The Cards took a day off yesterday and they play the Phillies today, it's an away game

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