5 Things You Didn't Know about Redheads (Love Your Red Hair Day!)

If you are a redhead, you already know this stuff. If you know a redhead, you should know this stuff! Redheads make up a very small population in the world, but their characteristics are quite unusual if not a bit odd to say the least! Perhaps that's why many have asked me, a natural redhead, since I was a kid "where did you get your red hair"? My mother and father both are brunettes. I've answered over the years in many different ways. Sometimes I tell the truth. Which is that I am the recipient of a mutated gene that causes my hair to go red, have pale skin and freckles. Some colliding of DNA genes or something pretty much created the mutation. Sometimes I joke and kid the questioner that I'm from another planet. Or I'm a vampire come back to earth to take revenge on those who sacrificed redheads by throwing them in volcanos or tormented them for believing that redheads where witches or worse.

Do we have tempers? No more than anyone else, I suppose. But if as a kid you are LABELED as having a temper because you have red hair, it may just be the cause and beginning of our red ire to get on fire.

Here are some other redheaded facts you may or may not know that you can see all of at this website:

Bees like redheads more than people with other hair colors. Scientists think the bright color reminds them of flowers.

Red hair's pigment is so strong, it has to be bleached repeatedly before it can be dyed, damaging the hair.

Redheads on average need about 20% more anaestheia when they go into the hospital for surgery.

Redheads don't go gray. Their hair naturally keeps its pigment longer than most colors, before eventually fading to white.

If you have red hair AND blue eyes, you are even more rare! (I in fact have red hair and blue eyes) Since both of those traits are so rare, the odds of having both are low .According to the University of Melbourne,only about 17% of people worldwide have baby blues. Combined with the 1-2% with red hair, that means the odds of having both traits are around 0.17%. The odds of a person having both of those recessive traits is around 0.17%. That would explain why I am, in fact, ODD!

If you have red hair, spend the day loving it and if you don't have red hair, give lots of compliments to any gingers you see today as I can attest, we redheads have been tormented and bullied since kiddos, so we need to be appreciated!! Thank you! ;)

AND Happy #LoveYourRedHairDay - Judi

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