Live From Sandals Ep. 6 - Bungalows & Butlers

We continue to get familiar on our FAM trip in Episode 6 of "Live From Sandals" docu-series. Here you'll see the most amazing over-water bungalow suites that you get when you book your wedding/honeymoon at Sandals South Coast in jamaica!

Plus when you book the Bungalow with your honey, you get a BUTLER at your beck-n-call! PLUS you have your very own Canopy on the beach whenever you'd like (not that you'd want to ever leave the Bungalow, I sure wouldn't want too! AND you have to watch the video to the end, as one of our iHeart fam group members got a surprise of a lifetime for he and his new bride of just a couple days! It's soooo sweet! #visitjamaica #SandalsResorts #SandalsSouthCoast #AD

Live IN Jamaica Ep 5 Bunagalows

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