Mixed Up & Moody? Me Too! So, I Made Us A Gift To Share :)

If you're like me, you have certain songs that really go well with your moods. If you are also like me and tend to be moody a lot, then I hope you'll take a listen to my first iHeart created Playlist called "Judi's Jams"! Get the Iheart App FREE and enjoy our Many Moods together! :)


As you can tell, I love every type of genre of music. On my Judi's Jams Music for Many Moods playlist above, you'll find a mix bag of genres from Steve Nicks to Bill Withers, Cage The Elephant to Beethoven! Eighty-three mood bending music to fill your ears. So enjoy on shuffle, or just start from the beginning. There is no certain order I deliberately put the songs in, they're just songs that either make me happy, or help me feel okay when I'm sad and songs that are fist-bumping turn it up loud and be proud songs. Enjoy! Thanks, as always, for your ears! "Without music life would B-flat" - judi

Billy and Judi

Billy and Judi

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