Downton Abbey The Movie - The Royals Are Coming!

If you were like me and cried when Downton Abbey ended it's reign on T.V. you were probably more than excited when you heard they were making a Downton Abbey MOVIE! Seriously, us Dowton Abbey freaks are die hard fans and we loved every character! So when I received an invite to a screening for press, I didn't hesitate and I was so afraid of being disappointed. Fair weather Downton fans, in my opinion it does NOT disappoint! First, take a look at the official Downton Abbey Trailer, it should whet your appetite, then I'll give you a short review without spoiling anything!


As I mentioned above, I was not disappointed at all. In fact, Downton Abbey, The movie was even better than I expected. That's not to say I'm not biased. I am. I don't know if someone who has never watched Downton Abbey on the "Telly" as the British say, that they would love the movie as I or any Downton fan might. I will leave those reviews to the critics who can remain unbiased. The premise, as you've just seen in the trailer, is that the Palace Royals are coming for a visit to Downton Abbey, will they all be ready for their majesties? We pick up pretty much where the series ended. I was worried they might have made a "prequel" Downton, but we are once again united with our favorite upstairs/downstairs Downton characters rooting and caring and laughing with all that was the series. Again, if you've not watched the series and your significant other or BFF is driving you nuts wanting you to go with them to see the movie, I suggest at least watching season 1 of the television Downton Abbey series to at least familiarize yourself with the characters. See it at Marcus Theatres when it opens nationwide September 20th and let me know what you think! - Judi

Billy and Judi

Billy and Judi

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