Mindlessly Minutes of Mindfulness

What DOES Namaste' actually mean? Nurse & Yogi Barb Berson is back with another Binge of "Minutes of Mindfulness"! This time we focus on the neck and shoulders and thrown in a full body as well. Listen to the podcast below and you can contact Barb at her website and get inspired HERE!


We like to call it "ear Yoga", as Barb is so adept at being able to explain easy yoga movements you can do while sitting at your desk or at home standing. It's basically a Mindfulness practice for EVERYONE, and you can binge all of the exercises (including 3 neck and 2 shoulders and 2 full body), or use each one at a time, totally up to you! AND the importance of water (and Judi hates water!). If she can drink it, anyone can! It's time you start going inward just for even five minutes and, hopefully as it did for me, it will change your life! - Judi

Neck Stretches with Barb Berson
Billy and Judi

Billy and Judi

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