Suspicious Activity, Beware!


Ever get a call or text from your bank inquiring about "suspicious activity" on your cards or account? Right in the middle of the show, Judi got just that from her bank and it freaked her out! Lucky for her, U.S. Bank is a wonderful bank and nipped it in the BUTT. BUT this is a common scam and one that many people miss! Reason? Is because the jerkatrator will charge just one dollar ($1.00) or something like $1.23 and many times it goes unnoticed by the victim and then the bad person uses the card more and more racking up hundreds up to thousands before the victim notices. If you're using a Debit card, you may not see any of that money returned. That's why Judi always uses a credit card to pay for everything then pays it off every month. Have you ever been scammed like that? Listen to one lady's story you won't BELIEVE what some jerks tried to buy with her money!

Billy and Judi

Billy and Judi

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