20 Instagrams to Take in 2020 in STL

As your Instagram queen of the show (self titled of course) I feel like I should share some of my favorite places to go in STL and get a good 'gram! If you're looking to spice up your socials check out some of these place.

I'll post more as the year goes on, don't worry!!

First up! Castlewood state park! I had to put this one first because it's also the most interesting place. Castlewood is great for a light or heavy hike but also it also has a history. It used to be a very popular hangout place in the 1920's. There were speakeasies, summer cottages, and dance halls. Massive flooding ruined the town but when you go hiking you can see still some stairs that led to cottages and broken down areas where speakeasies once were.

Makes this my perfect first place to go for a good 'gram in 2020! I'll be posting 20 of these so look back in a week or so.

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