Camilla Asked Kate Middleton To 'Take Charlotte Away' At Queen's Funeral

Photo: Getty Images

Royal fans are talking about a quick moment where Camilla, Queen Consort, seemingly lost her temper with Prince William and Kate Middleton's children. The moment happened during Queen Elizabeth II's state funeral on Monday, September 19th.

As members of the Royal Family gathered outside of Wellington Arch to watch as the Queen's coffin was moved from the Gun Carriage and put into a hearse, it seems Princess Charlotte was feeling a bit antsy after a full morning of funeral proceedings.

According to the Daily Star, a lip reader picked up the seconds-long moment and revealed that Camila likely told Kate, "take her" while pointing down to Princess Charlotte. also added that Charlotte was seen screaming "ow!" after her older brother Prince George pinched her, which prompted to annoyed gesture from the Queen Consort.

Later on, Princess Charlotte got emotional as her great-grandmother's coffin drove away. She was quickly comforted by her mother. The young royal attended the Queen's funeral alongside her older brother Prince George, 9. Their youngest sibling, 4-year-old Prince Louis did not attend the service.

The two wore all black and were well-behaved during the emotional ceremony on Monday morning (September 19th). According to People, Charlotte wore a diamond brooch in the shape of a horseshoe that was a gift from the Queen as they shared a love of horses. After arriving at Westminster Abbey, Princess Charlotte and Prince George joined the father Prince William, and walked down the aisle of the church behind their parents. Other Royal Family members present at the service included the new monarch King Charles, the Queen's only daughter Princess Anne, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle.

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