Two Endangered Leopard Cubs Born At The Saint Louis Zoo

Photo: St. Louis Zoo Twitter

Today we celebrate Endangered Species Day with the exciting news of the birth of two endangered baby Amur leopard cubs that were born at the Saint Louis Zoo on May 5! According to the Saint Louis Zoo, the cubs have already had their first check up, and are growing properly. They are a healthy weight and are being closely monitored by zoo staff.

The zoo recently took to Twitter to post photos, announce the birth of the leopard cubs and tell followers how hard the zoo works to protect endangered species:

"2+ pounds of “too cute!” On May 5, at 2 weeks old, the cubs had their first well-baby check by the Zoo veterinary care team. They were examined and weighed, then returned to Dot in the maternity den. Each cub weighed about 2.5 pounds, a healthy weight at the time of the checkup. The Zoo has been a world leader in saving endangered species and their habitats! Through the Saint Louis Zoo WildCare Institute, we support 17 conservation-based centers and work to create a sustainable future for wildlife and animals – always."

The zoo also posted photos of Samson and Dorothy, the father and mother of the two baby cubs. Dorothy remains in the maternity den with her cubs.

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