This Is The Most Popular Wedding Movie In Missouri

Bride Crying For Her Wedding

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Wedding movies are a popular genre; featuring a handful of classic films that never go out of style. Certain classics are more popular in some states than they are others, and we found the list to prove it. Some are obviously specific to the state, while others will surprise you.

According to a list compiled by Shane Co., the most popular wedding movie in Missouri is Mama Mia. Mama Mia is set in Greece and details a young mother having to raise a child without knowing the father. Things get messy when she is propelled into confronting her past.

Here is how Shane Co. gathered the data for each state and region:

"From Steel Magnolias to The Wedding Singer to Bridesmaids, movies that focus on a wedding or have a wedding that plays a large role in the plot have been around for generations. But which wedding movies are the most popular today? And what’s each state’s favorite wedding movie? In this campaign, we used Google Trends data to see which wedding movies are the most searched-for in every U.S. state. We created a keyword list of 24 popular wedding movies and referenced Google Trends search data from the last five years to determine which one was looked up the most in each state and overall."

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