Climber Can Keep $170,000 Treasure Of Jewels He Discovered On Mountain

Climber on steep summit of mountain in snow.

Photo: Getty Images

A mountain climber will be able to keep a share of the jewels valued at $190,000 he stumbled upon off France's Mont Blanc in 2013, which are believed have been lost in a plane crash that took place 50 years ago.

"The stones have been shared this week" in two equal lots valued at around 150,000 euros ($169,000) each, Chamonix mayor Eric Fournier told AFP via

Fournier said he was "very happy" that the situation was concluded, specifically for the climber who he said showed "integrity" by turning in his discovery to authorities in adherence with the law.

AFP reports two separate Air India planes crashed into Mont Blanc in 1950 and 1966, with climbers discovering debris, luggage and remains from both crashes over the years.

In 2012, India took possession of a bag of diplomatic mail carried on a Boeing 707 flight from Mumbai that crashed into Mont Blanc on January 24, 1966, which was previously obtained by Kangchenjunga.

A total of 117 individuals died in the 1966 plane crash, including Homi Jehangir Bhabha, who is heralded as a pioneer of India's nuclear program.

Authorities investigating the situation believe the jewels found by the climber in 2013 were likely to have been on the plane involved in the 1966 crash, which was scheduled to land in New York.

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