Arizona Family Escapes Home Surrounded By Javelinas Using Their Tesla

Photo: Getty Images

A valley family used their car to escape their home surrounded by javelinas.

According to 12 News, Kimberly and Jeff Weeldreyer were showing Carolyn, a friend, their newly-built home that is currently under construction in North Scottsdale when Jeff noticed a group of javelinas.

The javelinas had two babies with them, meaning they would be extra protective. So, Jeff suggested that the three of them head back into the home until the javelinas move.

The three went inside and took photos and videos of the animals, but the animals still had not left after a little bit.

Despite the Weeldreyer's and Carolyn making noises to try and scare off the javelinas, the animals were not phased by the noises. "We would open the window and make a loud noise like this (clapping), and they would just freeze for a second," Jeff told 12 News. "Then they would just go back to what they were doing." 

So, Jeff had thought of a different way to get rid of the javelinas. He decided to summon his Model Three Performance Tesla from his phone by using autopilot.

"Ok, well, let's see what happens if I move this big car right behind him and see how they will react," Jeff added.

When the vehicle began to move behind the animals, the group of javelinas bolted. "Tesla for the win," Kimberly said.

The couple knows that this isn't the last time wildlife will visit their property, but they know how to get out of their home the next time javelinas surround their home. "We can clear them out if we want to. We know what to do now."

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