Wanted Man Found Sleeping In Pile Of Chicken Fingers And Meth

Photo: The Pleasant Grove Department of Public Safety

An Alabama man who was wanted for multiple crimes committed hours after being released from jail was found sleeping in a pile of chicken fingers, other snacks and methamphetamine, according to local police.

Matthew Williamson, 37, was initially released from the Jefferson County Jail in relation to breaking into a vehicle and stealing property hours prior on September 17, the Pleasant Grove Department of Public Safety announced on its Facebook page.

Williamson then reportedly went to Hueytown and stole a car less than two hours after being released from jail.

On September 22, Pleasant Grove authorities received a report of an individual breaking into the concession stand at the Pleasant Grove Athletic Complex and stealing "a large quantity of snacks," the department confirmed in the post shared on its Facebook account.

Police found Williamson the next morning sleeping in the facility's press box surrounded by piles of chicken fingers, chips, candy and methamphetamine and admitted to committing the burglaries and car theft once he made contact with police.

Williamson was arrested on charges of unlawful breaking and entering a vehicle and theft of propery and transported back to the Jefferson County Jail in Bessemer, where he is being held on a $32,000 bond.

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