Build yourself up without limits.

Sometimes it just takes a few Minutes of Mindfulness but what does that mean? Judi Diamond welcomes Andrew Deutsch to the Judi Diamond Podcast series: "Minutes of Mindfulness".

“Andrew Deutsch gives you efficient, effective, and, yes, fun techniques to reverse lifelong negative patterns. As you learn to “build yourself up,” rather than beat yourself up, you’ll begin creating the best life ever beyond your wildest dreams.”

–Barbara Stanny, author of Overcoming Underearning

Author Andrew Deutsch has travelled the world as a speaker and author and coach and has succeeded in helping thousands of people break the limits that their own fear has mastered over them to succeed in the life we all deserve! Today, he joins the Judi Diamond Show for her Minutes of Mindfulness series! Enjoy! For more information on Andrew Deutsch and to order his book, go to: available where most retail books are sold including Amazon.

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