Billy wants an Uber refund, answers for RiddleMe & Google Buster & Juice!

Billy & Judi 4.6.21

Billy wants an Uber refund, Judi says "No Way", you are making your bed wrong, Google Buster Answer, Riddle Me This Answer & the Juice With Judi! Follow Billy and Judi on all their socials by clicking on this Billy and Judi link! AND if you're REALLY feeling kind, follow the two on their socials links as well! Judi Diamond Socials. Billy Greenwood Socials. I'm going to write as many words as possible because apparently the new blogging system won't let you save podcasts with every word, but you see since it's said in the podcast, and that was the show this morning, it feels a bit redundant as we've been up since 4a, working our voices until about 11a, then uploading and downloading the audio for the podcast because we want to make sure you are able to hear the answers to the Google Buster Questions or the Riddle Me This or that you really wanted to know if Billy or Judi won the team Billy vs. Judi showdown and if he was right or wrong to want his $14.00 Uber money back. see if you LISTEN to the show every day, you'd not have to be reading all these words! Of course we understand that you do have a life! lol! But, you can always take us with you on the iheartradio App AND on top of THAT tell your boss that listening to music and Billy & Judi in the morning makes a person MUCH more productive. Kind of like how this blog is turning out. Thanks for reading er...I mean LISTENING!