"Common Kid" is no common song! It's The "Juice With Judi" 1.25.2021

"Common Kid" is no common song, What's Dalgona Coffee & more of The Juice With Judi!

Boozy Valentine Cards, The anti-double dipper & a Common Kid

The BEST Valentine’s Day card EVER (IMO), so good that although I have NO Valentine (YET!) I am going to order one for myself! NIPYATA! recently unveiled a lineup of Drinkable Valentine's Day Cards that are perfect for 2021. The cards come in different sentiments but the best part is imbedded in the card inside is a mini shot bottle filled with one of five different alcohol options:Fireball Cinnamon Whisky, Casamigos Reposado Tequila, Grey Goose Vodka, Jack Daniel’s Whiskey, or Johnnie Walker Black Scotch Whisky.The NIPYATA! drinkable cards can be ordered online and scheduled to arrive on the date of your choice.- here’s the link to order Nipyata! Cards

Common Kid · Leo Diamant ℗ 2021 Leo Diamant Released on: 2021-01-04, Parental warning

Explicit lyrics

After that boozy Valentine Card, you may need a little coffee, how about trying something new like the Dalgona Coffee recipe that went viral thanks to this TikTok-ers post! What, pray tell, you ask IS Dalgona Coffee? I got your back my out of the looper friend and the recipe includes instant coffee. SO I must first digress to admit to you, I HATE Instant Coffee! However, thanks to my mother nagging me to stock up on my food and pantry staples because in March 2020 she said "The end of the world is coming, mark my words, stock up, you need to sustain youself Judith". Uh, mom, if the end of the world is here, I'm not worried about beans and rice! So I stocked my pantry of my own necessecities. BUT didn't have a fortune to spend! Should the world come crashing down I could easily sustain myself on M&M's, Lucky Charms, Frito's, lower shelf Gin & tonic and the cheapest instant coffee I could find. Admittedly, there is none of that "Armaggeddon Stash" left as I've already purged my way through it during a "couldn't get up from the couch it's too good Bridgeerton" Binge. SO all I have left is that instant coffee! ! ALAS! Now I have a use for it! Dalgona Coffee!

More Food trends to go with your Juice with Judi! Do you HATE double dippers?!ME TOO!EVEN if they’re my own family! It’s just gross! Thank you Chi Chi’s for creating just in time for the Big Super game on Sunday, the “Anti Double Dip Safety Kit”! according to PRnews wire, “70% of people admit to double-dipping … “The CHI-CHI'S How To Salsa Safely Kit includes "tasty chips and salsa, a zippable mask for easy chip and dip access; chip tongs so no one’s grimy hands are being shoved in the chip bowl; and a personal salsa dipping bowl."

CHI-CHI’S is also encouraging everyone to take the pledge to “Salsa Safely” for a chance to win one of the Salsa Safely 100 kits. The snack brand will also make a $50 donation to World Central Kitchen for every pledge, up to $10K

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