Can You Name That Tune? Classic Game Show Returns To Television!

Did you or your parents or grandparents love the game show "Name That Tune"? Maybe, like me, you are a HUGE Jane Krakowski fan (since Ally McBeal, HELLO!) . AND even better, you loved Randy Jackson when he was on Idol? I'm so excited to share the news that "Name that Tune" is back on Fox AND even better because the host is none other than the talented and very funny Jane Krakowski!

The bandleader is Randy Jackson, so it's going to be so much fun! Once again, the new nostalgia is anything but old, it's FUN and I personally cannot wait to watch and talk to you about it on the next "Juice With Judi".

So the fun starts right after the newest masked competition "The Masked Dancer" (Good thing I'm not famous cuz I can't even dance Un-masked!).Name That Tune premieres after The Masked Dancer – “It all starts (Wednesday/Tomorrow/Tonight)8/7con Fox!”.

Check out the Masked Dancer trailer as well below!

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