"Harley-Davidson meets Glamping" in my dreams machine!

"I Hate Camping"

I know, those are some harsh words to anyone who loves the entire camping experience. Like, my father who made us all camp! If only they'd had THESE "Glamping meets Harley-Davidson" type tent-trailers then!

Twice a summer dad would pile us four kids, our stray friends and dog in the station wagon. Hook up a tent-trailer for a week of camping in some KOA or similar campground.

My mother needed a bit of loving persuasian but without complaint was the camping navigator smiling at my dad from the passengers side. I know, it was kinda special having those vacations with the entire family. BUT, as I asked my father on numerous occassions, why we couldn't "have family vacations at the Hilton"! Alas, I digress!

"New Nostalgia in Old School Tent-Trailers"

If we had one of these babies, perhaps I would've liked camping! It might have even made me a little, I don't know, hmm...popular? Or. Not!

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