Dana & Diamond Beauty Blog "The Ordinary"

Dana & Diamond are back! This time we are trying out an inexpensive mask that, if it works, could save you hundreds of dollars and save your skin! It's from a brand both Dana Dean and Judi Diamond are quite familiar with "The Ordinary" (Available at Ulta, Sephora as well as Amazon but the price on Amazon was almost double Ulta and Sephora at the time of this blog post).

The Ordinary is an organic cosmetic company that makes an entire line of skincare. The Ordinary prides itself on having high-end quality products yet they are affordable and fit just about any budget. The Peeling solution in this episode for example, cost Dana & Diamond less than $8.00!

Dana & Diamond Test The Ordinary

If you've ever had a professional skin peel, you know they can be quite pricey. GREAT for the skin if done right and with the right products, but it can also be dangerous to your skin if not careful!

Perhaps that's why there seems to be a LOT of instructions with "The Ordinary's" Peeling Solution with

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