Past Life or Déjà vu? Judi & Medium, Julia Marie on Reincarnation

Past Life, Déjà vu, & Reincarnation explained.

Plus, Julia Marie answers a listener question about a reincarnated lifetime.

New episode "Spirited Conversations with Julia Marie at link below If you've ever wondered what IS Déjà vu Can your dreams be of a past life?All these and more questions answered in this podcast episode! Together we learn from notable Medium, Julia Marie and she gives us a way to connect to our own past lives!

Julia Marie is more than just a Medium with over 30 years experience, she is also a Certified Past Life Regression Counselor. Julia Marie shares her vast knowledge and experience about Reincarnation. Judi Diamond asks the questions many have wondered, quite possibly you, and Julia Marie's candid and authentic answers will give you "goosies" (Julia Maries word!) Julia Marie also gives us a simple exercise to use to practice our own self past life regression. Check out Medium, Julia Marie's website for lots of free advice and how to book her for readings, including past life readings and contacting loved ones from the other side. Make sure to subscribe to both this podcast (ALWAYS get the latest episodes!) and Julia Maries Newsletter as well!

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