Judi creeps out Courtney on Show Me St. Louis 10.23 Segment "BOO"!

It was a week ago that Judi failed to show up for work after a night that she was to spend in a haunted hotel otherwise known as "The Lemp Mansion". (Btw, if you want to see her ghost video get it by clicking this highlighted text! YES it is definitely haunted!).

She obviously made it back but Courtney Budelman of Show Me St. Louis wants answers! This segment of Billy & Judi Entertainment on Show Me St. Louis 10.23.2020 we chatted that and other unique ways people are still having Halloween fun even with the 2020 Pandemic. Lemonade out of lemons, right? Er..maybe it should be pumpkin spice lattes' out of pumpkins? Enjoy the show and thanks to KSDK Show Me St. Louis and the ladies who put up with us Dana Dean and Courtney Budelman!