Judi connects to spirit world with Medium Julia Marie in new podcast series

Judi with an "i" Productions brings you a new podcast series "Spirited Conversations with Medium Julia Marie".

If you ever wanted to know more about connecting to loved ones from the "other side", past lives regression and reincarnations, healing work, connecting to your spirit guides, learning how you can become a medium and just about anything having to do with Spirit, this will be your new obsession.

Join Judi Diamond in learning from Medium Julia Marie as she takes us on a new soul learning journey every episode! Here's a bit about Julia and how to contact her:

Don't call her a psychic! Julia Marie is a certified intuitive medium, a gifted energy healer, an experienced spiritual teacher, and best-selling author. She has been living a spirit-guided life for over 30 years. Much of what she shares, she learned through direct experience.

When not doing readings or healing, her mission is to demystify the mystical with her down-to-Earth perspective on topics ranging from life on the Other Side, energy healing, past lives and reincarnation to Spirit Guides and angels, psychic kids, crystals, and how you, too, can add intuition to your life.

She established the Academy for the Intuitive Arts in 1998 because she recognized a need for structured training at an affordable price. Julia Marie teaches courses on intuition, mediumship, and energy healing. She offers certification programs and private mentoring for people who want to accelerate their spiritual growth by developing their connection to Spirit.

To learn more about Julia Marie and the Academy for the Intuitive Arts, go to her website www.MediumJuliaMarie.com.

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