How I Turned a skirt into a chair

The only thing you need to be creative is imagination! I know this to be true. My mom taught me very early as a child how to always look beyond what a thing (or perhaps a person) is capable of. Long story short, I had an "Oops" on a chair so I "upcycled" a skirt of mine and voila'!

Creativity is only limited by ones imagination. Especially when that 'one' happens to made an OOPS! on a chair and they need to re-cover it! So I looked around my small condo trying to find something that would work. I found a skirt in my closet that I always loved the material, a thick brocade like fabric that fit great and even looked great, but I NEVER wore it! So, I repurposed the skirt into a chair! It's not magic. Just I-magic-nation ;) or something like that. Happy Upcycling!