My dad thought he'd hired house-cleaning crew got something else instead!

There is nothing worse than recommending a business to someone and it doesn't meet expectations, especially when it's your DAD!

I have been a fan of the Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaners company for years. They always did a great job cleaning my carpets, furniture, tile and wood floors and even my dryer vent. So I kept telling my dad to call them for their 1980 something blue carpet (since he didn't want to spend the money to replace it).

So I was surprised when I was visiting them a couple weeks ago and it looked like they had completely new carpet! (Albeit the same 80's style!). Come to find out, my dad listened to me and called Stanley Steemer! Except...he saw an ad that they said they clean "the whole house", and he THOUGHT he was hiring a crew to literally clean his house.

Since the crew was already there, my father than asked if the price that was quoted over the phone was actually for cleaning the entire carpet of my parents two -story home, and when he said "yes", my dad said "let's do it, then". He was THRILLED with them, so I am now the favorite child (at least for now).

So Thank you to Stanley Steemer for taking good care of my mom and dad. Oh, and No! They do not clean out refrigerators...yet.

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