The "House That Built Me" & Growing Up In Los Angeles

Welcome To my Childhood Home, Wipe Your Feet First!

Actually, no worries, come on in!

Hi. My name is Judi Diamond, and I am a native Southern Californian.

As if that's not odd in of itself, I actually moved away from La La land 1800 miles to St. Louis, Missouri. Once or twice a year I go back to visit family, my parents and siblings, to the "House That Built Me" and is still occupied happily by my parents. It seems to always have that "smell" that is home. I love it. I love every time I go and search through the catalogs of every nook and cranny of that house in search of...I don't know, something. Memories? Sometimes. But this time, this time I was looking for history. My parents and ancestors. And I learned some secrets I'd never known. They say you can't go home? Not true. I love to visit. But, I'm also happy to be "growed up" and living on my own and my own independent stubborn life 1800 miles away. I hope this 3 minute journey will perhaps jar some memories for you. Maybe make a phone call to a relative, parent or friend you've not talked to in a long time. Maybe put an end to a long held feud. Home is really where your heart is and where you can exhale and know you are loved regardless of all your mistakes and bad choices. Welcome Home.

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