Here's What Makes Yours The "Cool House"

Think Your House Is The Cool One? Here's Why!

A survey found that 67% of parents said they want their house to be the “cool house” for their kids and their friends. And 63% of the parents surveyed said their house already was the cool house.

The same survey asked parents to reflect on their own childhoods and what made a house cool. Here’s what they said were the Top 10 signs of a cool house:

  1. Good snacks -- 49%
  2. Video games -- 38%
  3. Cable TV - 38%
  4. Pool -- 34%
  5. Different toys than I had -- 33%
  6. Board games -- 33%
  7. Big backyard -- 31%
  8. A dog/pet to play with -- 29%
  9. Siblings to play with -- 27%
  10. Trampoline -- 24%

Source: SWNS (read entire article, really great stuff!)

I have to admit, my bff's house growing up always had the BEST candy and chocolate. My house always had the fresh fruit and my bff loved. Go Figure!

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