Disney Bridal Gowns, Dads Day, Tamagatchi Is Back, & Public Pools New Rules

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If you've ever dreamed of a fairytale wedding fit for a princess,like Cinderella? Allure Bridals has joined forces with Disney for The Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Collection and Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Platinum collections feature 16 gowns inspired by popular characters such as Ariel, Pocahontas, Cinderella, Snow White and more were revealed on GMA:

The Tamagotchi is BACK! Get Your 90's Nostalgia On! The cute electronic pets now repackaged as a new product -- Tamagotchi On Wonder Garden will be out this summer.

Unlike the original virtual pet, this updated version can go outside it's house, travel to eight different towns and use exclusive character features in the elusive Wonder Garden. The gadgets will retain their egged shape and come in two new colors: lavender and turquoise. 


At 86, Dame Judi Dench may seem way to old for the TikTok Gen-Z crowd, but she's gone viral and when you see the Access youtube video below, you'll see why! She dances with her grandson who looks extremely similar to Ed Sheeran! Tell us If you agree!

DADS DAY WEEKEND!  Perhaps dad wants to get to the gym, pool or casinos

After being closed for 3 months St. Louis County began opening public pools, gyms and casinos albeit with strict guidelines. This includes rules such as having all gym members get their temperatures taken before using their facility. Also every employee will wear a mask and clients are encouraged to wear masks. Equipment is paced out at least 10-12 feet apart and only 25 percent of the gym's maximum capacity is allowed. 

Public pools will also adhere to strict rules as outlined here at the CDC recommendations. Wondering if Chlorine is enough to kill the nasty Novel Covid, CDC has info on that as well, but basically if the facility is strictly following the CDC Guidelines, including using Chlorine which the CDC seems to believe from testing that it is sufficient in killing the yucky germies.

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