Billy Knocked Out By Judi’s "Good Luck" Knock Blocks Dad Day Gift

Judi's Favorite Father Day 2020 Gift Under $20 is the Knock Block. It Knocked Billy's Socks Off.But is Dad "Woodiness" For it?

If you missed Judi's "Catching Up" with President/Ceo of Innovaum on her Podcast episode, take a listen below. Before you take your great idea or invention to say, that Shark Tank type show, you need a prototype. Judi stumbled on this awesome company that not only wants to bring the inventions of us regular folks, but also a company that has given back with their Engineering skills to help in our Pandemic! Take a Listen At the following link and then if you want more info on the Knock Block and Innovaum check out the info below as well. This IS NOT a paid endorsement! This is just Judi finding regular cool businesses and people to share with you!

Innovaum, LLC is a product development company in the heart of downtown Corpus Christi. We work with clients both individual and commercial to create custom design work and rapid prototyping using 3D printers and other resources. Innovaum works the client through every phase of the product development process, from the idea stage through to production and shipping. We are known for delivering quality and care with our clients and bringing innovation to the Coastal bend.

Have an idea? Contact them for free brainstorming session below:

You can also find them on Facebook:

or call (210) 401-0574

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