St. Louis Gallery Owner Shares Inspiring Story Including PB&J!

Artist Dina Worzel took a leap of faith when she invested her passion for art and love of artists by taking ownership of the long-time Delmar Loop business Compônere Gallery less then a year ago. Business was booming at first.Then came Covid-19 and her world stopped. So what did she do? She began making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but that's just the beginning. Judi Diamond "Checks in" with Artist & Componere Gallery Owner Dina Worzel and shares her inspiring story of having courage by having empathy and helping others. Listen to this and please subscribe to Judi's Podcasts at the link above or on your iHeart App for free! "Be inspired every day because it's better to "Check In" than check out". Namaste - Judi

Componere Gallery: (314) 721-1181 Address, Map & Directions click this highlighted link

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Sandwich Brigade Information: (314) 910-0808 Lelah's Facebook Here

She Took Over A Gallery,Then Covid Hit

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