Dollar Tree Summer Decor and Organization

Since I started working from home I've really gotten into organization mode, cleaning and organizing under all of the sinks, in the closets, the junk drawer, you name it, I've organized and reorganized. I've really focused on making things accessible and easy to find. After moving for the first time in over a decade, I went through the stages of trying to remember where I put things and how to make my new space work. In the past, I've always purchased most of my storage items at Walmart, Target, Home Depot and HomeGoods. Let's face it, you pick out a few items that range from $3 - $12, and the total adds up fast. To save money, I started looking for cheaper alternatives and thanks to a coworker and YouTube, I discovered all the Dollar Tree possibilities. I'm not a fan of all of the DIY's because I don't want cheap plastic on display all over the house, but, for cabinets and drawers, you can't beat some of the great ideas. There are also some pretty great upscale ideas. I've found that watching the latest videos on YouTube inspires me to get creative on my own.

I recently repainted the deck floor and have done a little outdoor decorating. I was pleasantly surprised to find some seasonal items at the Dollar Tree that look great outside. For example, they have the cutest paper lanterns, for one dollar each. They take 2 AAA batteries that you can also find at the Dollar Tree. The coral and teal colors match my outdoor set perfectly. They had lots of bowls, towels and other colorful coordinated Summer outdoor items. They also have a gardening section, with pots and tools. I made a simple wreath for my front door using three items, a grapevine wreath, some ribbon in a pretty mint green and a metal welcome sign. I just removed the painted butterfly and separated the corrugated tin. I attached it with floral wire and hot glue. I think it looks pretty cute for a $3 wreath and it's the perfect size for my front door. I ordered my outdoor rug on Amazon, I purchased some cute seasonal glasses and melamine plates, on clearance, at Tuesday Morning. I shopped the dollar section at Target and found some nautical outdoor pillows for $5.00 each. I bought my cute pink flamingo pillow on sale at Lowes.

I've included a few of my favorite YouTube Dollar Tree videos below. There are a lot to choose from. The first video from KraftsbyKatelyn shows more of what is available now at the Dollar Tree. Share your favorite dollar store diy in the comments.

According to KAT made a wreath that's on an entirely different level from mine using the same green burlap ribbon. Note, not all of her materials come from the Dollar Tree. Watch below, starts around the 24:10 mark.

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