Movie Theatre Popcorn Available for Curbside Pickup

I don't know about you but I'm really missing going to the movies. It's movie night on the couch for now. I'm also missing movie theatre popcorn and candy. Marcus Theatres has us covered though. They have popcorn you can pick up curbside this weekend. Chesterfield and Ronnies locations are on the list. All you have to do is order in advance by phone or online. Get all of the details on their website here.

  • Friday, April 24: 3pm - 7pm
  • Saturday, April 25: 3pm - 7pm
  • Sunday, April 26: Noon - 4pm

Offering Two Sizes:

  • $10 Family Size Bag (= 2 Large Popcorns)​
  • $20 Party Size Bag (= 5 Large Popcorns)

You can also watch the latest movies trailers on their new Movie Radar page here.

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