Skyview Drive-In Movie Theater Opening May 1st

Skyview Drive-In Movie Theater in Belleville has announced they are allowed to open on May 1st. They will be following serveral social distancing guidelines that they have outlined on their Facebook page.

Their post reads,

Drive in movies are now allowed to open on May 1st and we are going to do that. I am sure that we can do it safely. First thing we will do is reduce our capacity by half. Instead of parking two vehicles between poles, we will park only one car. The Health Department said that since we are parking like that, you be able to bring your lawn chairs and sit next to your vehicle. You will be more than 6 feet away from anyone else.

The concession stand will have a limited menu. We will have cheeseburgers, hot dogs, popcorn and bottled soda and lemonade. You will not come inside, Someone will meet you on the Schnucks side patio and get your order for you.

We will not use the women's bathroom at all since it so crowded. Men's room will allow four at a time. We will have 16 porta-potties that will be cleaned every fifteen minutes.

Here is the schedule for May 1 - 7.

  • Screen #1 - The Goonies PG 8:15 and Beetlejuice PG 10:20
  • Screen #2 - Grease PG13 8:15 and Ferris Buehler's Day Off PG13 10:15

Most of the reserved spots have been taken for both screens on Friday and Saturday. If you would like to try to reserve a spot, and tell us three things; which night you want to come, which movies you want to see, and whether you will be parking at an orange pole (vehicle taller than 5'2") or a white pole (vehicle 5'2" or shorter.)

We expect large crowds, especially over the weekend, so you should plan to come early. The box office will open at 6:30 all seven nights.

See You Under The Stars

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