My Meltdown In Target, The Whole Story

The Monday of Valentine Week, I confessed to Billy something that happened over the weekend, and we ended up with having it air. Here's that moment, and I'll get the details after you get a chance to listen to the clip:

Meltdown In Target

Here's a bit more details and I am sharing this because if you've ever gone through anything like it, you are so not alone!

I had been way overdue for a good cry. I mean that figuratively and literally. I believe we hold in so much of our emotions that it actually cripples us in the long run. But normally I am home by myself when I allow my thinking brain, the practical brain, to take a break and I allow a great therapeutic cry fest emerge and sometimes this lasts 5 minutes, sometimes hours. Depends on how much or tight I've been holding on.

This time, however, I held on too long and too tight. I remember reading in some self-help book that when you try to hold your emotions inside, it's like trying to hold the barn doors shut on a stampede of horses. It's so much harder to hold that door than to simply swing open those barn doors, get out of the way and let them run their course. Free.

I just hadn't realized that those horses could simply break down the barn doors on their own, no matter how hard you hold them tight.

I've got a lot going on personally and professionally and I was shouldering a lot of peoples emotions (I'm an Empath, it's how I am "wired"). I am your "go-to" gal and I feel lucky to be that for so many people ! But, there are times when I need a "go to" to , well, "GO" too!. I found that in a stranger.

What you didn't hear from the above segment was there was a young woman she said she was 22, and happened to see me sobbing in the makeup aisle, and she had no qualms, she simple came over to me and put her arm around me and eventually she sat me down right there in the middle of the aisle, and with the maturity of someone twice her age, consoled me. She was my Angel. I was so embarrassed that I didn't even get her name, was able to get out a "Thank you", but I hope some day I have the chance to see this helpful young soul again, simply to tell her that she made a huge difference in a complete stranger that day.

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