Google Buster Answers for 1.14 thru 1.17

Google Buster For Jan 14 to Jan 17 2020

Google Buster Answers for Bill & Judi Shows for January 14th thru January 17th :

1.14 QUESTION:“One in ten schools have banned this item which is legal in all 50 States.What is it?”

1.15 QUESTION:“The average American went through about 180 of these last year, what are they?”

1.16 QUESTION:“It takes the average person one minute and 45 seconds , about a minute less than it was 10 years ago”

1.17 QUESTION: “If you needed to replace this every day item now, you could do it for as little as $5 bucks, but when it first came on the market it was $400.00

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