Answers To the Google Buster for Mon-Thurs, 1.26 to 1.30.20

Are ya looking for those Google Buster Answers? (Sorry late, having issues with uploads of podcast). SO Here is the game from this weeks Billy and Judi Show for 1.26 through 1.30.

Google Buster Questions & Answers

We started on Monday with a question to homage to Kobe Bryant.

Monday GB Jan 27, 2020: "What was Kobe Bryant's Jersey numbers?"

On Tuesday, Judi wanted to share some interesting information form an online dating site.

Tuesday GB Jan 28, 2020: " According to a high end online dating site, takes people 34 messages to do this, what is it?

Wednesdays GB Jan 29, 2020: "80% of us will make this slip up at least once in 2020, what is it?"

Thursday GB Jan 30, 2020: Roughly "19% believe God will play a role in this, what is it?"

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