Single on Valentine’s: The Perfect Time To Find Your Soul-Mate

Hi, I’m Judi and I am Single. Or, as my mother would tell me I am simply “In-between relationships”. Face it, Valentine’s Day is coming up and for many like myself, being single can put us in a state of depression. It doesn’t have to be that at all, in fact I think it’s the perfect time to find your true Soul-mate.

We are inundated with ads everywhere we look for the “love” holiday. First and foremost if you are single, don’t allow those ads (or your well-intentioned mother) to make you think you are not good enough for anyone to be your Valentine. You have everything you need to find your perfect soul-mate. It’s quite simple really. I know, because I’ve tried it and with great success.

Here’s How I Found My True Soul-Mate:

First, find a comfortable position in front of your most used and perhaps favorite mirror in your home. Close your eyes, un-hunch your shoulders, take a deep inhale loving breath, then slowly exhale and let it all go. This won’t take long, anything you have to do can be put on the back burner for a few moments. This is what you need right now. What your soul really needs. Now, once you’ve shaken off the dust of the negatives, take another deep breath in and out, if you need more to “Let Go” then go for it. When you are ready, open your eyes and look into the mirror. Take a good, long look at your reflection. Staring back at you. That is your true Soul-mate my friend. The one who has been waiting for you your whole life. That reflection, your soul-mate, loves you unconditionally. You may have not noticed, or perhaps your life has been spent denying that such a love for you and by you, is not possible. It’s not only possible, it simply IS. It knows no restrictions or has any doubts. What you see in that mirror is you and loves you not despite but because of all your flaws and mistakes as well as your goodness and beautiful heart. 

Below is a great video “You are Who You’ve Been Looking For”, It is so true!

Now, before you go rolling your eyes thinking “Judi and her hippy dippy positivity is NOT getting me a relationship!” I get it. I have been through a divorce and a bad breakup with my last boyfriend. I’ve spent the last two years alone, I know the feeling of loneliness. 

But these past two years have also changed my life.

I have discovered the joy of being alone without being lonely. I learned to love my own company. I discovered me. I am happy to say, she’s an amazing friend and fun to be with. She can be quite judgmental at times, but when I become overwhelmed or depressed, I go back to the mirror and re-find my true soul-mate.

Most of us have heard that saying “you can’t find true love until you love yourself”. But more often then not, we look outside ourselves for value and acknowledgement and, yes, love. 

We are human. Humans are born selfish. We can do all that is possible in goodness, but I believe in order to live a fulfilling life and contribute to our world one must fall in love with that soul in the mirror, THEN take that love and spread it throughout their every day lives. 

I am fulfilled. I am also ready for a relationship, if one happens to come along and is right for me. I could also live the rest of my life without a partner because I know I am surrounded by a world full of people to love and I mean that in the most human way.  

The Beatles were right. All You Need IS Love. Start in the Mirror!

Happy Valentines Day - with love, Judi

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