Speed Dating: Does it Work, Plus a Simple yet Deceiving Google Buster

Speed Dating: Does It Work? Listen up to Billy & Judi's Podcast Tell Us Your Thoughts

Speed Dating Yay or Nay?

Judi met someone on Thanksgiving, a really "great guy"...or so she thought. Then, just like "THAT" it was over before it really started. so now, she's ready to try something new: Speed Dating. Well, it's actually not new to hear. she had a television Docuseries on Viacom's Nickelodeon channel called "MFF: Mom Friends Forever", and on an episode she did speed dating and she actually met a man she ended up with for 3 years. BUT he was not a good man (verbally abusive, owes her over a thousand bucks) yada yada. But she's older and wiser now. So, should she try it again? Take a listen then state YOUR opinion! THANKS! - Billy and Judi

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