Something To CelaBEARate! Build-A-Bear!

THIS is what happened at the Grand Opening of the NEW Build-A-Bear, and What YOU have in store!

For Me, it was a dream come true to meet the one who started it all right here locally in St.Louis, Maxine! you'll hear from her as well as see why you have got to make sure and visit the new Build-A-Bear while you're at Union Station and going to all it's other great attractions like The St. Louis Wheel and the new St. Louis Aquarium!

Can you believe it's been over 20 years that Build-A-Bear has been putting smiles on kids (of all ages!) faces?! I know right?! I'm excited because they have a REAL working radio station (which you can hear the Build-A-Bear radio on the iHeart App list) and Billy and I have been invited to do some shows from there! I KNOW Billy will be up for that! Think about Build-A-Bear for yourself (I got a new one that says "I love you" so I'll always remember someone loves me!), or for an upcoming Valentine or Homecoming Dance? I'm just saying. You have to check it out! Build-A-Bear now open at Union Station!


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