She's Steemed!

Diffuse The Odor - The Solution!

So Judi moved into her work studio/office a few months ago and it had a musty odor (There are no windows and it's an airtight studio, so go figure!). Anyway, she was using a battery operated Diffuser to "diffuse" the smell AND didn't realize it was against Work Rules! (It was not in the HR Handbook that she saw).

So what to do to get rid of the smell? DUH! Call Stanley Steemer! It actually was a listener who came up with the solution and a great one at that! Stanley Steemer did an amazing job on Billy's rug which he almost threw out! They made it look brand new!

She Remembered Stanley Steemer Cleans EVERY Surface!

And Judi chatted with Sarah who had every surface of her home cleaned thanks to Stanley Steemer! Here's the Podcast and pictures following:

So, yea. They're going to help Judi get rid of that MUSTY yucky officey smell and then she'll be diffused of any trouble in the future! (well, for now!).

You can get 25% off just for reading her story and mentioning hearing about Stanley Steemer on KLOU! Book your appointment at Stanley Steemer Dot Com!


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