Mean Girls Step Aside, S2 Factionistas Are Kickin' Hide!

Listen to MJ Rainey from Supplement Superstores Ladies Facebook Factionistas Page Creator! Her Story will INSPIRE and you can join the group for free!

Mean Girls Step Aside

I have a saying I came up with years ago when I first started serious soul-searching: "Be Less Self-Centered and Be A Centered Self". Unfortunately, the most difficult thing for many of us, especially females, is to find our Center and more important, to find our Value. Our Worth. We can't get to our true centers, until we see how valuable we truly are. THEN when we become self-centered beings, we have the energy and ability and knowledge to lift others all around us to their true worth and value. To Join, go to this Ladies Facebook Factionistas Page and request to join, you'll be accepted pretty fast (MJ is very responsive!) and if you are interested in the 25% discount on the 1-DB Goddess Fastpack, find your Supplement Superstore location at this Link! Let me know how it goes! - Judi


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