My Experience with The Psychic Medium Julia Marie - Judi

How Judi Found Medium-Clairvoyant Master Julia Marie

It took my getting lost to be found.

Have you ever gotten lost and then ended up in a place that was better than the one you originally intended?

It's a bit like that for me. A few months after moving back to the Stl, I was looking for some used "finds" to furnish my apartment. I wasn't too far from my place, driving around Maplewood trying to locate this antique type store. I must've gone around the same blocks ten times until I finally decided to give up. On my way back to my place, a bit sad and disappointed with myself for, once again, getting myself lost, when something made me glance to my right and my eyes went straight to a little store sign in a little strip mall. The store: "Mystic Valley". I quickly spun my little "booger" car into the parking lot and went inside.

The Mystic Valley Experience

I had been going through a lot of transitions in the past couple years, it's not been easy. At the same time, I suddenly found myself stumbling on the fast track of some spiritual type growth and I hadn't even been looking! Odd coincidences I was noticing and I began to feel these "Angel" type beings and "Spirit Guides" . I felt like they were all telling me it was high time I found out what was my true lifes' purpose.

Long story short, getting lost at Mystic Valley was when I also got "found". If you've never been to a "new age" type store, don't be scared off thinking its' some strange eerie place. It's quite the opposite. All religions and practices and people are welcome there and there certainly is a warm and caring atmosphere. Not to mention the coffee is AWESOME at the coffee bar (ya gotta try some!). I've been back now quite a few times since that first time I was lost a couple months ago. I've had four different mediums do readings for me. The price is quite reasonable (you can go for a quick 15 minute read) and I found them all to be the real deal mediums. No ones trying to get any money laundering from you. They're all about helping people in all ways.

How I Met My Medium

The medium I met and he came and did a podcast with Billy and I for the show, was Adam Beaubois! He is AMAZING! He's one of the best tarot readers I've met with, really accurate on things he'd never known about me. He can be booked through Mystic Valley as can all their readers, and btw, they are all talented in all different ways.

Intiutive, Julia Marie

Every Psychic or Reader I worked with at Mystic Valley all recommended Julia Marie for more in depth past-life regression sessions and soul work which I'd verbalize my interest.

So I finally booked a 30 minute reading with Julia at Mystic Valley literally the day prior on impulse. For some reason I was getting this "nudge" that I needed to see this woman. I did not do a past life reading. I just didn't feel a need too. I simply asked Julia for her "guides" to speak to my "guides" and let them know "hey! I'm here! Help me out a bit , would ya?". lol!

From Lost to: Taking a one day Learning Intuitive & Healing Skills Session With Julia!

So, I won't get into too many details about my reading other than I got to learn who a couple more of my spirit guides are and also why my aura colors are a bit off and what I need to do.

So THIS Saturday, I signe up for Julia's workshop and she said there is still space if you're interested in learning and developing your intuitive skills taught by Julia who's been doing this work over 25 years. It's from 10:30am to 5:00 pm this Saturday November 23rd at Diversified Health & Wellness Center in Kirkwood. The entires day class is only $125.00! Which I was so shocked by the low cost I almost fell over. In the west coast, these types of learning intuitive techniques full day workshops start at around $500.00! Anyway, I'm not getting anything free nor am I getting paid to tell you about this. I'm only passing on the information because I was getting multiple calls, messages and emails from people who heard me on the show that were interested.

If you want to sign up or chat with Julia more, She can be reached at (314) 327-3122 or email:

I'm Excited To Learn From The Real Deal!
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