Soul Searching courtesy Pixar Studios

The "Mindfulness" movement has peaked it would seem, well at least IMO, considering a sneak peek at Pixars' upcoming movie "Soul" seem s to be aiming for Finding the "soul" purpose through a would-be Jazz musician!


Just from the trailer, I think one can tell it's about us finding our true "Purpose". The interesting thing I found from the Trailer is that the main character is a Jazz Musician! My 21 year old son Leo, is studying Jazz and composition at Webster University and there are a LOT of young musicians who have been discovering jazz legends such as Coltrane, Billie Holiday and Phineas Monk just to name a few! You know the saying is true: What's old is new again. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that the young generation of musicians and music lovers are finding Jazz and old school Motown and the likes. So this movie is very timely. Looking SO forward to seeing it hopefully with my son!


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