“Live From Sandals” Ep. (5)We Found Your Perfect Wedding!

Series Binge Episode 5 of “Live From Sandals”. Billy & Judi Show from 103.3 KLOU This Is Your Perfect Wedding & Honeymoon All In One Place

Billy & Judi Behind The Scenes of “Live From Sandals” - Enjoy! It's binge time for your dream vacation that we had to check out for you! "Live From Sandals" Episode 4 The Montage" - a quick behind the scenes (and Judi faced her fear and ziplined!). This is also the chance for you to win a dream luxury 5 Star vacation in Jamaica right where we filmed this series: Sandals South Coast, Jamaica! Sandals Resorts is everything we'd expected...and MORE! Enjoy and good luck! Enter to win at: https://klou.com\visitjamaica

Good Luck my friend!


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