Billy vs. Judi on bringing a new S.O. to Meet The Fam At Thanksgiving.

So you have a new Special Someone in your life, not sure if he/she is the "one", so is it a good idea to bring that person to your families Thanksgiving dinner?

Thanksgiving "Meet My New S.O."

It's another heated Team Billy vs. Team Judi! So whose side do you choose? Listen to this episode and hear others thoughts, you may be surprised. Also the new Border Battle Missouri Vs. Illinois and of course Google Buster, check and see how you did. And a reminder that if you missed any of Billy & Judi from their week in Jamaica (last week), AND how to get a chance to win a trip to the same place they broadcast live from, follow their series of short "episodes" behind the scenes at Sandals South Coast in Jamaica at KLOU.COM and as always, thank you SO MUCH for your ears!

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