"Live From Sandals" - Ep 1 The Proof

Billy & Judi really were broadcasting from the beautiful beach at Sandals South Coast, Jamaica! Here is the proof, and how you can win yourself a WORK-free trip too!

It may have SEEMED we were just having fun, it was definitely a working trip! Sure, after partying at night and meeting new friends, did we really WANT to get up at our usual work time 3:30ish in the morning to broadcast live? Well, it’s a tough job but...well, you’ll see! You then will see how you can win your way to a non-working vacation too, or go to our KLOU Website Link HERE to enter!

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You'll want to see all of our episodes of our "Live From Sandals" Story, so you can get ready for YOUR Sandals South Coast Vacation and be ready for a 5-Star luxury Resort vacation, with enough adventure or chill as you want! coming up: Judi holds a Crocodile and Ziplines! :)

jamaica for you tow

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